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Skin care while removing hair

At Bplus, we have adopted the latest hair removal machine "Bay Mach" so that all customers can receive better hair removal.

This "Bai Mach" also supports IPL hair removal and SHR hair removal,

Each treatment method can be selected according to the condition of the customer's hair.

In addition, this "Bay Mach" is patented by the Japanese government (Patent No. 6707234) for its ability to introduce ions while removing hair.

Currently, the only hair removal machine that has a patent is the "Bay Mach".

In addition, we are certified by CIBTAC, the only international licensing organization in the field of Japanese beauty wax hair removal, and use the highest grade WAX "WAX XXX".

This wax is made from natural botanicals as a raw material, and has beautiful skin and anti-aging effects, and promises a beautiful finish.

In addition to the original purpose of WAX, which is the conventional hair removal, it is a cutting-edge WAX hair removal that has undergone an amazing evolution of "skin care WAX hair removal" that can perform skin care at the same time.

At Bplus, we are thoroughly particular about each item we use,

We use the highest quality products that are not only effective in removing hair and safe, but also skin care.

We continue to strive every day to provide our customers with a more comfortable hair removal experience. Please experience it once.

広島 レディース脱毛

A private salon with a complete reservation system

Bplus offers a completely reserved private space where you can "relax from the bottom of your heart" in a clean store. The treatment room is a completely private room, and we offer treatment according to the customer's own skin and constitution and other concerns and wishes.

Of course, we use completely different things for men and women, including treatment rooms, equipment, consumables, and restrooms.

There is also a powder corner in the ladies' room.

Items such as irons and irons are available after the treatment, so you can slowly fix your makeup and go out.

Bplus promises customers a safe, secure, and comfortable hair removal experience.

広島 ヒゲ脱毛

low cost pricing

At Bplus, customers of a wide range of ages can receive effective hair removal quickly at a low price. (From 7 years old)

We offer low-price services that incorporate the latest epilators and the finest WAX so that all our customers can feel the effects.

In addition, we also offer a course menu that is advantageous for each number of times, and you can use various discounts and a lifetime guarantee system of up to 87% off.

With these services, we will help you to solve the problems of many customers.

Experience Bplus's finest hair removal in the best space at a lower price.


*Permanent security system is for men's plan only.

広島 レディース脱毛
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