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If you have the courage to take a step

Here is the "beauty" that you can always get...

In order to bring out the beauty of our customers,

The latest beauty technology and professional staff are working hard. When you stand in front of the mirror, we will help you as a partner to create "plus" in your daily life so that you can be a little more confident than you were yesterday.

B plus

"Bplus" is an esthetic salon located in Kamiyacho, Hiroshima City that provides satisfaction and excitement to all customers, regardless of gender.

Through counseling, we help each client realize their different ideals.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities, heartfelt hospitality, and professional techniques by qualified personnel at low prices.

Bplus will do its utmost to bring out your beauty.

広島 レディース脱毛 メンズ脱毛
広島 レディース脱毛 メンズ脱毛

you can really relax
Private space just for you

Bplus is a space where you can relax from the bottom of your heart.

The clean interior of the store naturally makes customers feel calm.

In addition, the treatment room is a completely private space, and of course, everything from the treatment room, the equipment used, consumables, and the restroom is used separately for men and women.

Furthermore, since it is a complete reservation system, there is no need to worry about meeting other customers, so you can spend a relaxing time in your own private space.

You can talk to your heart's content about your concerns about your skin and constitution, your wishes, and so on, so please feel free to contact us, no matter how small.

Extensive menu to fulfill your wishes

At Bplus, we offer a variety of hair removal menus that meet the needs of our customers.

Patented hair removal machine "Bay Mach",

Highest grade WAX "XXX" made from natural plants,

MIX hair removal that combines them,

Bridal menu for those who have a wedding ahead, VIO hair removal that has become commonplace in Japan in recent years, and is often refused at other salons

Such as "nape hair removal" and "hair removal of white hair",

We offer menus that meet various needs at low prices.

It is our pleasure at Bplus to realize the ideals of all our customers, regardless of gender or environment.

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