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Men's campaign

Men's campaign
広島 メンズ脱毛 ヒゲ脱毛

Whole beard beautiful skin hair removal ¥ 1,000

Completely private room x open until 24:00 midnight] We will propose the most suitable hair removal for our customers.

The latest patented hair removal machine is a hair removal machine that is "quick, painless, and has a beautiful skin effect."

Troublesome shaving, blue beards that stand out even after shaving, troublesome beards that are messy in the evening, and interesting designs.

Wherever you go, you can get a good impression of cleanliness.

With a complete reservation system, you can relax and feel free to use without worrying about the public eye.

For those who have never experienced hair loss,

For those who have experienced hair removal at other salons,

Please take advantage of this great opportunity.

Whole body beauty hair removal ¥10,000
*Excluding beard and VIO

Graduation from complexes such as hair quality and hair volume! !

Of course, you can also partially remove hair,

You can take care of your skin while removing hair with the latest hair removal machine that is gentle on sensitive skin.

In the current era, clean and comfortable whole body slippery is the trend.

広島 メンズ脱毛 全身脱毛

Job hunting support & business set★
Full beard + hand hair removal ¥5,000

《Hair removal part: whole beard + whole hand》

Bplus will do our best to support you in your new environment! !

Only the parts that are always seen during business card exchanges, business negotiations, job hunting, etc. are removed cleanly.

With men's hair removal that affects cleanliness

Make a difference with your surroundings.

Beard hair removal is effective even if it is just the part you like.

Beard wax hair removal ¥3,000

It can handle all hairs of the entire beard,

Introducing the next generation WAX that protects your skin and contains highly moisturizing ingredients!

Recommended for those who want to grow a beard someday but don't want it now.

Free yourself from annoying shaving and blue beard.

Experience smooth skin to your heart's content immediately after the treatment.

広島 メンズ脱毛 ヒゲ脱毛
広島 メンズ脱毛 ヒゲ脱毛

Beard mix hair removal ¥8,000

WAX and light hair removal for the entire beard!

where to combine

It has better depilation effect.

I'm busy and it's difficult to go to school every month

Daily shaving is troublesome,

Perfect for those who want great results with a small amount of treatments.

Smart hair removal with a new hair removal method.

Below elbow + below knee beautiful skin hair removal

《Hair removal part: below the knee, the top of the toe, below the elbow, the top of the finger》

Perfect for the coming season.

Only the part that can be seen from the T-shirt and shorts is removed! !

With the skin that can wear trendy styles without worrying about the eyes around you,

For a comfortable summer free from unpleasant odors and stuffiness! ! !

広島 メンズ脱毛
広島 メンズ脱毛

Whole arm hair removal ¥9,000

《Hair removal part: whole arm + armpit + whole hand》

Shirt sleeves and short sleeves,

Don't worry about tank tops!

It's perfect for the upcoming season when you wear light clothes.

The hot arm hair that tends to be disliked with this,

Graduation from armpit hair that can be seen at random times.

Hair removal while making beautiful skin with the latest hair removal machine.

Whole leg hair removal ¥7,000

《Hair removal area: Thighs + knees to toes》

For a refreshing skin that can be worn with shorts and sandals for the summer! !

Even if you get wet or sweat a lot, you can wipe it off with a single wipe, and you will always be dry and comfortable.

広島 メンズ脱毛
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