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Hair loss flow

*For WAX and MIX hair removal, please extend the hair on the treated area by about 5 mm.

STEP1 Reservation

Our salon is a complete reservation system. Please be sure to make a reservation before visiting.

Your phone number:

Same-day reservations are also welcome.

(Depending on the content of the treatment, we may not be able to meet your request.)
Please be sure to read the confirmation items before your visit.

STEP2 Visit

Please be sure to shave the area you want to be treated with a shaver by the day before your visit, and come in a hair-free state.

*Please note that if there is unshaving (excluding the back, buttocks, etc.), we will charge 1,100 yen per part.

*If you have not shaved, we may refuse the treatment depending on the reservation status of the day.
If you arrive too early or if you are late, please be sure to contact the salon.

STEP3 Counseling

For new customers, we have about 20 minutes of counseling time.
Please fill in the questionnaire and counseling sheet,

We will guide you through explanations and precautions.
Please sign the consent form after understanding and acknowledging.
Because I want you to receive hair removal with peace of mind,

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, no matter how small.
* On the day of the treatment, we may refuse the treatment depending on the customer's physical condition, allergies, skin condition, physical condition, etc.

STEP4 Change clothes

When doing body hair removal, you should change into special shorts to prevent your clothes from getting dirty with gel etc. during the treatment.

Also, in the case of face, armpit, and VIO treatments, to prevent infectious diseases,

We will instantly sterilize the treatment site with a special alcohol-free disinfectant.

STEP5 Treatment

We have strict hygiene management. Practitioners wash their hands, wear a disposable mask, and wear disposable gloves (antibacterial). Disinfect over gloves.
Sheets and towels are also antibacterial and new ones are used each time.

We are fully equipped with sterilizers, and the equipment we use is thoroughly disinfected and sterilized.

Apply a special gel for the hair removal machine that contains plenty of plant-derived skin-beautifying ingredients to the treatment area,

I'm going to light irradiation and hair removal treatment.
At this time, if you feel uncomfortable with your skin,

Feel free to let us know if you are in pain.
We will suspend the treatment or change the irradiation level setting of the machine.

STEP6 End of treatment

After the treatment, check the treatment area with the customer,

Change clothes and pay.

If you make a reservation for the next time at this time, you will be able to make a reservation for the date and time you prefer.

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