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広島 レディース脱毛 フェイシャル

Whole face hair removal (around eyebrows, forehead included)

Facial hair, beard, etc.

Even if you don't care about it yourself, people are surprisingly watching.

Face hair removal is the first step to boost femininity.

Not only does it make your makeup stick better, but the Bplus hair removal machine can also introduce ions, so you can expect beautiful skin and whitening effects!

3 times
6 times
9 times
regular price
regular price
regular price
広島 レディース脱毛 全身脱毛

Whole body hair removal

Those who want to refresh their whole body,

This is the recommended menu for such people! !

Bplus full body hair removal is either face VIO,

both, none,

3 patterns that you can try with your favorite combination!

We will approach every corner of hair with our patented Bay Mach.

First of all, please try from the advantageous campaign.

It's almost time for summer, when there are many opportunities to expose your skin! !

Counseling early.

Whole body hair removal (face or VIO)
3 times
6 times
9 times
regular price
regular price
regular price
Whole body hair removal (excluding face and VIO)
3 times
6 times
9 times
regular price
regular price
regular price
Whole body hair removal (including face and VIO)
3 times
6 times
9 times
regular price
regular price
regular price

Whole arm or leg hair removal (up to fingertips) ¥6,800/1time

I want to wear a lot of short sleeves,

bare legs,

But self-treatment is really troublesome.

I self-processed and got blisters on my upper arms,

Wearing stockings causes friction with the skin and causes skin problems.

We recommend that you take care of your skin while removing hair with the skin-friendly Bplus hair removal machine!

広島 レディース脱毛 都度払い

Below elbow & below knee hair removal ¥7,000/1 time

Although the hair on the nibs and thighs is thin,

The thick hair below the elbow and below the knee is worrisome even if it is self-treated.

This is a recommended menu for those who say.

When you fold your arms or dress up,

Is your partner noticing?

No more worries.

広島 レディース脱毛 都度払い

Armpit hair removal ¥2,200/1time

It's a menu that I'd like to try for hair removal beginners first!

armpit self-treatment,

Are you plucking or shaving with tweezers? ?

By pulling out with tweezers, it becomes ingrown hair (buried hair),

Shaving causes pigmentation.

There are only disadvantages! !

Let's remove the hair as soon as possible and be reborn as a beautiful armpit even if it looks like a glimpse.

広島 レディース脱毛 脇脱毛

Neck hair removal ¥4,500/1 time

The nape is a part that tends to be overlooked because you can't see it yourself!

Leave the parts you can't see to the professionals.

If the nape that you can see at a glance is beautiful, there is no doubt that men's appeal will improve.

広島 レディース脱毛 うなじ脱毛
広島 レディース脱毛 デリケート脱毛

VIO hair removal

Vio hair removal has only merit.

It reduces "smell", "stuff" and "itch" during menstruation.

"Breeding" is also improved.

Of course, the younger generation

In recent years, considering hygiene and those who are cared for,

More and more elderly people are starting VIO hair removal.

Also, VIO hair removal is popular, but I'm reluctant to remove it all, and I'm going to a hot spring or public bath, so I want to leave only the visible part! !

For such people, the menu only for IO is recommended.

I'm glad I did! I have no doubt that you think so.

3 times
6 times
9 times
regular price
regular price
regular price
3 times
6 times
9 times

IO hair removal

regular price
regular price
regular price
広島 レディース脱毛 うなじ脱毛

parts hair removal

I'm worried about hair loss all over my body,

First of all, I want to remove hair from the area of concern.

I lost all my hair, but

I still have this part left, so I'm thinking about additional partial hair removal,

It is a part hair removal recommended for such people.

Mouth area Front body Both upper arms Below both elbows


Front of both thighs Below both knees Back of body Buttocks

(Including toes)

large parts
​1 part ¥3,300

Back of both thighs Back of both knees V    I   _cc781 905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_O

(knee back)

small parts
​1 part ¥2,200

Forehead Cheeks Back of hands

(Finger in)
(including sideburns)
(Temple included)
広島 レディース脱毛 フェイシャル

WAX hair removal / MIX hair removal 

WAX hair removal removes hair from the root, so it doesn't feel like a freshly shaved hair.

It is exactly haste poreless.

In addition, there is also MIX hair removal that does SHR hair removal with +! !

Compared to other hair removal methods, MIX hair removal has a long-lasting hair removal effect, so it is a highly recommended menu for busy people!

There are many people who become addicted after trying it once with the effect of W.

Immediately after treatment, you will get smooth skin.

WAX hair removal

Whole face ¥8,000
Whole nape ¥6,500
Nose hair / ear hair ¥ 500
1 part ¥2,200

*Additional ¥2,000 with VOS pack

MIX hair removal

Whole face ¥12,800
Whole nape ¥10,000

*Additional ¥2,000 with VOS pack

Various discounts

SNS / shooting discount (5% discount, can be used together) *For plan subscribers

Those who followed & posted & tagged on Instagram.

*Those who have more than 300 followers who can cooperate in shooting during the treatment.

*There is no facial expression because it is a photo of the treatment area only.

Please show each SNS page at the time of contract.

Unisex student discount (20% discount)

Graduate students, university students, vocational students, preparatory school students, high school students, and junior high school students who can present a valid student ID card.

Please show your student ID card when signing the contract.

* If you are a minor, please submit a parental consent form together.

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