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広島 レディース脱毛 メンズ脱毛

hair loss

Uses the latest patented hair removal machine Bay Mach

Bplus' latest hair removal machine "BiMach" is the latest hair removal machine that supports both IPL hair removal and SHR hair removal.
You can choose the treatment method according to the condition of the customer's hair, the area to be treated, and the image after hair removal is completed.

This "Baimach" has acquired a national patent,

(Patent No. 6707234)

It is characterized by the fact that iontophoresis can be performed while removing hair.

This patent is unique to BayMach,

Fast, painless, safe, and effective for beautiful skin

It is the latest hair removal machine approved by the country.


Features of IPL and SHR


IPL hair removal is recommended for people with bristles and those who want VIO hair removal

• People with thick and dark hair
• It is effective for those who want immediate results and those who want to remove hair such as VIO, but the power is strong, so it is painful with conventional devices.


SHR hair removal is recommended for dark-skinned people, people with a lot of white hair, and people who don't like pain

・People who are vulnerable to pain
・Those who tan or have dark skin
SHR hair removal is less painful and good for downy hair,

There are few hair removal salons that incorporate it because it is a method that has just appeared.


広島 レディース脱毛

Hair removal by parts

Recommended for those who are concerned about parts

Bplus hair removal offers a customized plan according to the customer's request.

Therefore, it is possible to respond when customers want to remove hair only on a specific part, or when they want to focus on areas that they were not satisfied with at other salons.

You can also work on areas that were difficult to remove due to tattoos or white hair. At Bplus, our top priority is to provide treatments that satisfy our customers, and we will respond quickly to even the most detailed requests.

広島 レディース脱毛 メンズ脱毛


Best item award winning WAX used for skin care

In order to provide better hair removal, Bplus now offers WAX hair removal using WAX XXX (wax triple X) so that customers with eye areas, tattoos, and white hair, who previously refused to have hair removal, can do so. are being implemented.


WAX XXX is a WAX that is loved in over 20 countries around the world and has been selected by many top athletes and models.

It is the only wax in Japan's beauty wax hair removal field that has been certified by the international licensing organization CIBTAC, and is the highest grade wax made from natural plant ingredients.

Combining beautiful skin and anti-aging, it promises a beautiful finish.

This WAX hair removal is not only the purpose of conventional hair removal, but it is also a state-of-the-art hair removal method that allows you to perform skin care at the same time.

WAX is designed to be firmly entwined only with hair, so treatment is possible without damaging the skin.

In addition, the moisturizing ingredients and vitamins contained in WAX can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect.


WAX XXX has won numerous awards, including the Aesthetic Communication Best Item Award, and is now considered the most reliable WAX.

Since the hair disappears immediately after the treatment, it is ideal for special occasions such as bridal, photo shoots, and events.

At Bplus, we promise that we can provide this treatment to all our customers and that they will be more satisfied than we imagined.


広島 レディース脱毛


Patented hair removal machine x internationally licensed WAX
Let's mix hair removal

Hiroshima's hair removal salon Bplus offers state-of-the-art MIX hair removal for those who are busy and do not have time to go.

MIX hair removal, which combines WAX hair removal and light hair removal,

First, wax hair is removed from thick hair to downy hair,

After that, we will perform the SHR method with the latest hair removal machine.

The SHR method, which approaches the bulge area instead of the normal IPL method, is a relatively new hair removal method.

Advantages of MIX hair removal

Customers do not need to shave themselves before treatment

have immediate effect

The speed of growth is slower than normal photoepilation (2-3 times)

It is possible to treat even white hair,

In some cases, even slightly burnt skin can be treated.

At Bplus, only Bplus in Hiroshima offers MIX hair removal using the latest patented hair removal machine and internationally licensed WAX.

The finish and comfort after hair removal, the appearance, the speed at which new hair grows, etc.

I can confidently say that they are the highest quality.

Please try a new hair removal method that is completely different from the conventional hair removal principle.

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