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Lady's campaign

ladies campaign
広島 レディース脱毛 人気

full face hair removal
(Including eyebrows and forehead) ¥1,000

With our proud iontophoresis hair removal machine,

While making your skin beautiful, you can thoroughly remove hair down to the downy hair of the entire face.

It is painless even for those who have never experienced hair removal.

I recommend it because it is speedy.

It also makes your makeup stick better, so it's very popular with repeat customers! !

Whole body hair removal (excluding face and VIO)  ¥6,000

Our hair removal machine Bay Mach is

It is a hair removal machine that can use both IPL and SHR hair removal methods.

With a treatment method that suits each customer's hair quality,

We will approach all the hair of the whole body.

広島 レディース脱毛 全身脱毛
広島 レディース脱毛 全身脱毛

Whole body hair removal (face or VIO) ¥ 10,000

It is a menu that you can choose either the whole face or the whole VIO for whole body hair removal.

VIO is a face and whole body for those who have hair removal at other stores,

If you don't need to treat only downy hair on your face, this is a great plan that includes either VIO or whole body hair removal and whole body hair removal.

Whole body hair removal (including face and VIO) ¥14,000

I don't need any hair other than eyelashes and eyebrows! !

This is a menu that I would like you to try by all means.

It is also recommended for those who want to reduce hair overall.

With a hair removal machine that is gentle on sensitive skin and also has a patent, you can get smooth hair removal while taking care of your skin! !

広島 レディース脱毛 全身脱毛
広島 レディース脱毛 人気

Below elbow and knee hair removal ¥5,000

The hair on the thighs and upper arms is thin, but the hair below the elbows and knees is a little worrisome.

This is a recommended menu for those who say.

A must-see for those who always want to wear short sleeves and skirts beautifully!

Both underarm hair removal      _cc781905-5cde-319 4-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_¥1,000

By doing armpit hair removal, you don't have to worry about the smell of sweat stuck in your hair or hair roots!

This menu is also recommended for those who sweat easily and those who are concerned about odors! !

Troublesome self-processing takes time,

There is no good thing because it will be damaged by razor etc. and pigmentation will also occur.

Let's shave and make it a beautiful armpit.

広島 レディース脱毛 脇脱毛
広島 レディース脱毛 うなじ脱毛

Light hair removal from nape ¥2,000

A sexy zone that is seen by people unexpectedly when doing updo hair.

Amazing results in just one use! !

Why don't you leave the nape of the neck, which is difficult to see and handle by yourself, to a professional?

Nape WAX hair removal ¥3,000

Light hair removal is also good, but it is a must-see for those who want to have a beautiful nape right now! !

XXX (Triple X) WAX that we are proud of removes hair from the root,

There is no sagging feeling when shaving

You will have a smooth finish immediately after application.

広島 レディース脱毛 うなじ脱毛
広島 レディース脱毛 うなじ脱毛

Nape mix hair removal
(WAX & SHR light hair removal) ¥4,500

After removing the hair from the root with WAX hair removal

Approach the bulge area with W with SHR type light hair removal! ! Immediately after the treatment, it will be smooth and smooth,

It will be a plan that allows you to reduce hair firmly with a small number of times.

Hair regrowth speed is slow and smoothness lasts a long time,

You can expect outstanding results.

Whole arm or leg hair removal ¥4,000

Get hair removal on your favorite part, either arms or legs.

For those who have never experienced hair removal or who are interested in a patented hair removal machine that has a beautiful skin effect,

Please feel free to try it first! !

広島 レディース脱毛 脚脱毛
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